Friday, June 8, 2012

Queen Told Us To Beat It

We marched a mile down the mall to see the Queen at Buckingham Palace.  We (along with a 1000 others on her doorstep) were informed by guards that she was tired from her 60 year anniversary and the palace was closed.  No tour today!

We then proceeded to a stupid crowded Westminster Abbey and elected to just walk around the outside.

Onward to the Parliament and Big Ben.  Ben's chimes at the top of the hour weren't much louder than our mantel clock at home. 

Next we had to check out the London Eye and was sure the line would be many hours long.  To our surprise , it was only a 10 minute wait.  I guess the rain and gale force winds scared off the meek.  Even Spencer, who fears heights, made the ascent.

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