Sunday, October 19, 2014

Nazi Murders

It seems like every time we come to Europe we get to experience a travel interruption.  This time the rail is on strike, so we had to get a driver to get us out to the Sachsenhausen concentration camp.

We left early on this quiet sunny Sunday morning to visit the camp.  After three hours touring the site, our stomachs  were in knots.  This was a very eye opening experience that should be viewed by all who can.  It should affirm that being a political isolationist can allow unlimited terror and death.  It was amazing how much planning the Nazis undertook, as early as 1933, to murder 7 million people... and their implementation was deplorable.

Our driver  was a talker and offered to take us to a German outdoor military museum located on an airbase.  This airfield supported one third of the Berlin airlift flights to keep West Berlin from falling to the Soviets.

Sachsenhaus Concentration Camp
Prisoners couldn't escape camp or death
100s of aircraft in hangers and on field
Another 10 miles on foot required nutrition

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