Saturday, May 30, 2015

Seville Sights

Today the Robertson clan saw some amazing sights around Seville, Spain. We saw the Royal Palace, the Seville Central Park, and took a tour of the historic Plaza De Toros De La which is a bull fighting ring arena.

Six Star Breakfast

The Hotel Alfonso is top notch and has an exceptional breakfast bar of fresh food.  Today we will tour the Real Alcazar (royal palace) and criss cross the Santa Cruz neighborhood.

Hotel courtyard 

Friday, May 29, 2015

Seville Cathedral

Today in Sevile, the Robertson clan went and saw the Cathedral and climbed some 20 flight of stairs up to the tower. The Cathedral was magnificent and the view of the tower was stunning.

Seville, Spain

The Robertson clan headed down south to Sevile, Spain. The trip was a 2 hour high speed train ride from Madrid, Spain

Fueling up for Seville Choo Choo

Another great breakfast at the Westin Palace prepares us for the 1 KM stroll to the train station.  Today's high speed train to Seville leaves at 10 AM.  Everyone appears well rested for another adventurous day.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Holy Toledo

Another European city and another huge cathedral.... each one claiming they have the biggest, best, and most impressive.... Toledo had a big one.... but they are all starting to look alike.  Toledo was also full of tacky tourist shops.... another less impressive European city competition.

Cathedral Toledo, Spain

During our visit at Toledo, Spain, we went to the cathedral and walked up some 500 stairs to the tower of the cathedral. After we visited the cathedral, we walked the streets of Toledo

-According to Spencer


The Robertson clan got up bright and early to go to toledo which was a 30 minute train ride from Madrid.

To Toledo (not Ohio)

Today is a day trip to Toledo to see a Cathedral and the walled city.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

BAD Influence

Had a very nice fish and rice dinner, very late like the Spaniards.  Mom, normally conservative, was pushing the very tasty sangria to all her chickadees....

Madrid Sights

After a relaxing 2 hour resting period, the Robertson clan walked the Madrid Central Park and a Christopher Columbus monument.

-According to Spencer

Our Chef's New Apron

The kids were hungry and thirsty after our walk, so we sampled local fare at an outdoor tapas cafe.  Afterwards we found a cooking shop which made Victoria a custom apron.

5 Hour Walking Tour

We spent 3 hours with a guide wandering the historic nooks of Madrid.  We weaved through alleys and secret gardens which would of been unlikely to discover on our own.  Our guide Ester then took us on a 2 hour art history tour of the Prado museum.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Royal Palace

After lunch we visited the Royal Palace.  This was easily the most ornate structure we have seen.  The total cost must be in the billions.  A no camera policy deprived me of images... but I would highly recommend a visit to anyone visiting Madrid.  After 12 miles romping around we boarded the tight hotel lift and retired.

Giddee Up

We wandered around waiting for the rooms and stumbled on a monument for Don Quixote.  After about 3 house of walking we had a snack at a tapas bar.

Hello Madrid

We made it to the Westin Palace hotel in the center of Madrid after a 30 minute taxi from the airport.  The weather is Fabulous....

Monday, May 25, 2015

8 Hours to Madrid

Everyone is aboard the 757 ready for the overnight flight.  The accommodations are very nice. The captain just shook our hands... he says nice weather on route and the conditions in Madrid are fabulous....

Washington D.C International Airport

Almost after waiting  from an 5 to 6 hour lay over, the Robertson crew is anxiously waiting to board the flight to Spain.


First leg of trip is from Cleveland to Washington Dulles.

Spain Bound

We are packed and off to Europe.  Everyone is packed for mobility on our journey. Each of us have two carry-on bags...