Monday, June 1, 2015

The Misadventure of Granada

We began our day with a light breakfast before an est. 1.5 hour car ride to Granada. Everything seemed swell with spirits high. The forecast showed no rain and we were going to visit Alhambra, described by our travel book as "a sight so magnificent that you'd never need to see anything else in your life." Everything changed once we entered that forsaken city. An hour and a half was spent following the empty promises of parking signs through the narrow labrinth of streets. Our spirits were broken until we eventually found a parking spot big enough to accommodate our 9 passage van, 10 km away from our destination. There was talk of cutting our losses and traveling the road of defeat back to Malaga, but we persevered. We were going to see Alhambra. Skip forward an hour, after we took taxis to the entrance of the towering fortress turned palace. We rejoiced! Now all we had to do was buy some tickets and look at pretty thing!... It took almost an hour to get tickets... but once we were there we saw some neat views and impressive gardens. Definitely worth the struggle. Unfortunately, our visit was interrupted by ominous weather. We seeked asylum under a through way of the fortress then ultimately called it quits and caught a taxi back to our van before we could finish our tour of Alhambra. 

Also I got some neat pictures of it all! Woohoo! 

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