Friday, June 15, 2012

Munroe Ascent- Ben Damph

Right after checking into the hotel and after lunch, we went on a significant hike to conquer Ben Damph (the peak to the right of our hotel in previous photo).  Our 4 mile hike (8 mile roundtrip) was a continuous climb that was very steep at times.  I'm not certain...  but we climbed at least 3000 vertical feet and it took all afternoon.

The weather was cold (upper 40s) and very windy.  The final 300 to 400 Vertical feet were very steep so only Olivia, Johnny, Victoria, and I pushed on.  At the summit we were in 60+ knot winds and Victoria could lean into the wind without falling!

It was an incredible view.... We only stayed a few moments at the top because I was concerned about getting closed in by weather.  The bottom of the clouds were only a couple hundred feet above us.

Everyone really enjoyed this hike and I was quite pleased with their stamina. They will sleep well tonight.

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