Sunday, August 10, 2014

Beaver Island

The weather looked great for a run over to Beaver Island 31 nautical miles east of Little Traverse Bay.  Once again, the lake was flat and the trip was pleasant.  We docked between two Hinkley's, so we were in good company.  The docks were substantial and provided a panorama of St. James harbor.  Beaver Island is easily described as rustic and quiet.  Right after lunch we rented some bikes and took a 23 mile bike ride around the north half of the island.  Our Huffy bikes had balloon tires and numerous mechanical issues.  Kevin, not a bike fan, described this ride as the worst he can remember.  The roads were primitive with dust flying and bone jarring bumps and holes.  After cleaning up we had dinner at the Beaver Island Lodge and a few drinks at the local bar, The Shamrock.  The only negative was the billions of gnats at the dock.

Beautiful view at the dock

Lunch at Daddy's Dog Shop

Swim break during the bike ride

Sunset at the Beaver Island Lodge

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