Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Biking and Shooting

The weather was beautiful today.  We woke at dawn to dense fog on the river (photo op).  It was intriguing to listen to the fog signals of the freighters from the boardwalk of The Old Club.  It is true that sound in fog plays tricks on your direction perception of the source.

After breakfast it was off for a 22 mile bike ride to Sans Souci and Algonac.  About 15 members of the club went on the ride.

Rest stop at mile 9

After lunch, filling the fresh water tank, and washing the deck.... it was time to go shooting.  About 10 of us shot 25 to 50 rounds at orange clays over the water.  Our only girl shooter, Nancy Simpson, ended up being the sharpshooter of the bunch.  I shot 50 rounds and my shoulder feels like it.

Nancy bagging clay bird

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