Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Holed Up in Traverse City

The strategy of coming to Traverse City to sit out the weather was solid.  Today we had non-stop rain from last night until the afternoon.  The wind was howling to 30 knots and the seas were forecast to be large.  The other good news is the marina had a great lounge which allowed the crew to relax in luxurious conditions, rather than tripping over each other on the Bumboat.

We had a great meal at an Asian restaurant (Red Ginger) where we could only get five seats at the bar.  Tom, who screwed up the reservation, had to eat standing up to the rear of us.  He finally got a seat after we bought dessert for our adjacent seat mates.  Of course, the night wouldn't be right if Bryan didn't entertain us.... so, he took advantage of open mike night.

Bryan's poncho was below specifications for heavy rain

Our ship bounced about at the dock

Crew refuge during storm

Evening entertainment by Dave "Bryan" Mathews

Rock star worked the crowd

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