Wednesday, August 13, 2014


The weather cleared, but the wind was still blowing 20 knots from the northwest.  Our plan was to go to Washington Island in Wisconsin.  After we cleared the Leelanau Peninsula we saw the full force of the winds and waves on Lake Michigan.  A 4+ hour trip into 4 to 6 foot head seas didn't sound fun, so we reversed course and headed to Northport.

After lunch we headed out on what would turn out to be a 10 mile hike through the cherry orchards and over to Lake Michigan.  Bryan did the hike in his deck shoes which almost turned his toes into cherries.  His entertainment streak ended tonight after being upstaged by a 90 year old pianist who attracted all of the golden agers and left Bryan humming Frank Sinatra tunes.

Pancakes before heading to sea

Overlooking Grand Traverse Bay

Our 10 mile cherry hike

Northport Harbor

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