Sunday, August 2, 2009

Day 1 Before the Mast

After traveling nearly 7 hours out of Minneapolis today, my travel weary family dumped me off on the wharf in Houghton, MI and promptly hit the road for Mackinac City. I now have a better perspective on all the complaining crews who have met the Bumboat in remote waters.

The Captain was in good spirits and appeared excited to have new crew to train. After a short ship orientation, Captain Kip masterfully cooked up a tasty tuna cassarole, with peas on the side. My first duty as crew was dishes.

My experiences before the mast will be updated as cell coverage permits. Most of my communications will be from my cell phone utilizing my thumbs and its marginal camera. So... bear with with any rogue keystrokes and images not up to my usual standards... Keeping this activity stealth is impairitive to avoid confiscation of crew property.

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