Saturday, August 8, 2009

Day 6 Sleep Deprivation

The Ship's Clock is very accurate and the time standard for the Captain Log. It is located on the bulkhead outside my cabin approximately 5 ft from my head. The Captain treasures this time piece and cleverly uses it to keep his crew on edge.

Every God Damn hour it strikes the number of bells for the hour. "Cling Clank, Cling Clank, Cling......" at a volume sufficient to wake up any soul within 5 boat lengths. To further aggrevate me, it even strikes once on the half hour.

It is impossible to fall asleep anytime before the midnight cresendo. After 5 nights of clanging, I've developed a slight immunity allowing me fitfull rest until 4 AM... a noise threshold I'm not yet able to overcome. My Captain wisely uses his ability to snore loudly to mask the clanging and sleep deep into the morning.

Ahhh... it's time to turn in.... 4 AM comes quick....

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