Monday, August 10, 2009

Day 7,8 &9, Crew Booted

I've spent the last three days putting some significant miles on my boots. Big Bay State Park on Madeline Island and the Stockton Island wilderness had exceptional vistas and challenging terain. At a minimum, I've seen close to 35 trail miles over the last three days (which is 3 times the distance we've sailed during the same time). My Captain's boots are not as well traveled; electing only to do only a one mile hike with the crew.

Today I packed my ration of crackers and water in my pack and traversed Stockton Island for a total of 18 miles. Stockton Island has the highest black bear density in North America.... and I can provide some verification. My hike to a deserted stone quarry was extremely remote and the only tracks I saw on my return were my tracks going out and fresh bear tracks (big paws). Of course, I wasn't concerned since I read the National Park bear brochure and took notes during the Captain's safety speech. However, after seeing the tracks... I picked up my pace and spent the remainder of my trail time whistling tunes and talking to bears out loud.

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