Saturday, August 15, 2009

Day 13 Constipation

When I boarded Royal Eagle, I was surprised the Captain didn't have a list of crew rules. No discussion of do's or don'ts. Actually, the rules became apparent as I broke them. Each new infraction would result in a deliberate discussion on the proper compliance.

The only rule the Captain conveyed upon boarding was regarding the head: "Don't shit in the manual head in the crew's cabin. It's macerator can be a problem". Since it was improper for the crew to use the Captain's head and the availibility of shore facilities may not coincide with natural movements, I needed a plan..... I actively monitored my consumption of fluids and ruffage to keep things soft.

The first 12 days went smoooothly. However, in Houghton we treated ourselves to pizza.... with lots of cheese. The next day, with no available comfort stations, constipation set in and so did anxiety on head failure.....

Fortunately, everything worked... and I'm back to increasing my ruffage levels...

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