Friday, August 11, 2006

Tobermory to Kilarny

0900 Hoisting sails outside of Little Tubb

We've seen enough of Tobermory.... It's still blowing pretty hard out of the northeast. The wind is supposed to diminish, but stay out of the northeast. We're off to Kilarny.

1010 East of Flowerpot Island, 4 NM

We have motored dead into the wind in six foot seas to round Flowerpot Island. We then fell off onto a starboard tack and trimmed the sheets for another close hauled ride. The sun was bright and the bay was a deep blue as we cruised in water 400 feet deep. It's a bit chilly..... but, nothing polar fleece and wool hats can't fix.

1315 Pinching up at Wall Island, 19 NM

The Bumboat has had a nice ride in six foot seas and 15 to 20 knot winds. We've been trying to claw upwind to the northeast...but, islands and reefs keep getting in the way. Pete is at the helm doing a fine job. He needed some help to clear the windward side of Wall Island. Pete's efforts to catch fish in Little Tub Harbor yesterday was fruitless. I guess today he decided to learn how to sail rather than further discredit his fishing abilities by trolling in six footers.

 1520 Two miles east of Cape Smith on Manitoulin Island, 35.6 NM

The wind died off of Rabbit Island. Brian took a turn at the helm to motor us into Kilarny. He did a fine job.... except for that slight veer towards Cambell Rock. Brian L. seems to have an addiction to electronic devices and pushing buttons...... shortly after he had the helm..... our navigation system locked up.... requiring a system re initialization.... dumping all configurations and cruise data.....

1700 One mile south of Kilarny Light, 47.5 NM

We're near the harbor entrance..... time to get on deck.

1800 Dock 16 of the Sportsman Inn

The crew has separated to pursue individual activies.......Pete and Brian L. found someone claiming to be a fishing guide and are out looking for the big fish..... Derek and Mark decided to activate the kayak and practice their synchronized paddling..... Brian P. has a cell phone stuck in his ear.

Pete and Brian L. returned after sunset and "claimed" to have lost an 8 pound bass..... they caught a few bass for our dinner collection. We had a late dinner at the Sportsman Inn and mixed it up with the locals until they turned off the lights. Our waitress wouldn't sing Happy Birthday to Mark...but, he did get a birthday beer.
Crew in action off Wall Island

Kilarny Light

Kayak Assembly

Not synched

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