Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Windsor to Vermilion

Wednesday, August 23 - Last Day, Home Port Bound

0700 Depart Lakeview marina

Last night we had dinner at the local restaurant at Lakeview. The Captain was exhausted after staying up all night on the sail down Huron and went to bed at 2100. Gregg, the first mate, retired shortly thereafter. After sleeping most of the day.... the crew stayed up and played a little poker.

We shoved off at sunrise. The forecast for today was light and variable winds...... most likely a full day of motoring.

0830 Grassy Island, 12.5 NM

The crew was up for departure from Lakeview and then quickly slipped below or on deck for more sleep.

Grassy Island is memorable to the Captain.... for he ran aground here in 1985 aboard his Bristol 22. There are two types of sailors; those who have run aground and those who lie....

0945 Detroit Light, 25.5 NM

The river current has allowed us to make good time downbound. Lake Erie is flat and the wind is light.

1400 Kellys Island Long Point, 57 NM

Since we are motoring in flat water, the captain has time to pack and clean the boat. It will be nice to dock the boat ship shape. The crew is put on notice not to soil anything..... the galley and bar is closed.

1630 VYC, 75.5 NM

It got rather warm aboard the last few hours and we got attacked by flies.....But.....the Bumboat is back in the home port!

An excellent voyage!

Sunrise over Peach Island and Lake St. Claire
Early morning on Detroit River
Party boys still struggling two mornings later
Detroit River Light
Leg 6 crew

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