Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Kincardine to Tobermory

0230 27 miles due south of Tobermory, 266 NM

I just woke up from a 3 1/2 hour nap. It was the first time I slept since we cast off from Vermilion. Earlier we saw a beautiful sunset and moon rise.... and now it is very surreal..... the water is as flat as a mill pond, the moon seems as bright as the sun, and the horizon is black around all points of the compass..... just the Bumboat and the fish.... Before our nap, Gregg and I gave instructions to the crew.... set up a watch schedule and wake either of us if they are confused. The crew did well only waking Gregg once for instructions on how to avoid a large fishing vessel. Joe thinks he may of saw a space ship.

0630 South of Hurd Channel

I've had the helm since 0230. The sun has just risen and the moon set. We have good visibility to navigate through the reefs outside of Tobermory. Everyone is up and alert in anticipation of landfall.

0700 Little Tub Harbor, Tobermory, Ontario 297.8 NM

We have arrived at the fuel dock after 46 nonstop hours. I feel pretty good..... this is the most efficient way to get the boat north. We stopped at the fuel dock to register and take on 51 gallons of diesel..... which was our total consumption including running the 8kw generator regularly. After docking the crew jumped ship to shore for breakfast and to turn in their sea legs. All things considered, the crew did an excellent job.... they were chatty, didn't get sick, and didn't complain. It's not many whom can claim they went nonstop from the south shore of Lake Erie to Tobermory.

Engine hours at this fueling: 160

1700 Dock # 13 in Little Tub Harbor

The Leg 1 crew appears to be agitated by the Leg 2 late arrival. It appears the Leg 2 crew need lots of rest stops. After a brief exchange of words, the Leg 1 fired up the 12 seat white van and headed south out of Tobermory. They are well rested, so they should survive the night drive.

The Leg 2 crew had an average dinner at the Crow's Nest. Our waitress refused to sing Happy Birthday to Mark (28 years). A pathetic jazz duet played as we consumed a few Canadian ales.

27 miles south of Tobermory

Leg 1 crew

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