Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Middle of Lake Huron

Please excuse the delay updating the log...... read on....

1745 10 NM southwest of Clark Point on the east shore of Lake Huron, 206 NM

At Harbor Beach we moved to the port tack. We had a great sail across Huron heading due east. The winds held steady at 20+ knots and the seas were easily 6 to 8 feet. The ride was, once again, spirited. It was much less bumpy since we had a much better attack angle on the waves. The Bumboat screamed along at 8 to 10 knots, close hauled for the entire Lake Huron crossing. The main was full and the headsail reefed to 100%. I hand sailed it most of the way...... enjoying the ride. During the Huron crossing.... you would of thought only Gregg and I were aboard.

2100 18 NM west of Kincardine, 225 NM

At Clark Point we changed to starboard tack about the same time the wind shifted. Of course, it shifted to east of north.... making our turn to Tobermory another slog to windward. The ENTIRE trip from Vermilion has been close hauled beating into some big seas...... It's starting to get a bit old. Three hours ago I discussed the possibility of pulling into Kincardine for the evening. But now that sunset was near and the wind was setting down, an all night passage to Tobermory seemed like the right thing to do. Gregg informed me later in the evening that I crushed the crew's morale by pressing on.

After what seemed like days, the wind has finally blown itself out. It is now dead calm and the waves are diminishing. I rigged the boat for nighttime operation... fired up the diesel.... and set a course and speed for a dawn arrival in Tobermory

Relaxing in 8 foot seas

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