Saturday, August 12, 2006

Kilarny to Little Current

0830 Dock 16 at the Sportsman Inn, Kilarny

A late night kept the crew in their bunks. Pete was up early casting for fish. Brian P. and I went for a 5 mile hike on a wilderness trail. It took a bit longer than expected.....should of taken water.

1150 Kilarny Channel, westbound

The captain asks the crew to fetch the binoculars since the exit is strewn with rocks and channel marks.

1152 Exiting Kilarny Channel

The captain is unsure of a rock and a confusing channel marker. I slowed down and reversed course to assess the situation. I again asked the crew to retrieve the binoculars.

1155 Exiting Kilarny Channel

I've now completed a second revolution waiting for the binoculars. Perhaps the crew hasn't heard me..... "WHERE'S THE DAMN BINOCULARS??"

1156 Dead slow in the Kilarny Channel

Mark flies out of the cabin with the binocular body in his one hand...... and all the eye pieces in his other hand... he is apologizing for his apparent mishandling of this valuable glass...... I grab the body and assess the situation.... and we proceed on...

After we are in clear water.... I am able to reassemble the pieces..... as it turns out..... Mark bumped the binoculars...dislodging one eyepiece.... a fast thinking crew in the cabin could not figure out how to reassemble the eyepiece.... resulting in the idea to disassemble the other eyepiece to figure out how to reassemble them..... all of which came on deck after our second rotation at the west end of Kilarny Channel.

1415 Browning Cove on north shore of Heywood Island, 12.3 NM

We anchor for lunch and water sports in an anchorage the Bumboat has never explored. Pete whips out the fishing rod and casts like a maniac. The rest of the crew swims, suns, and kayaks. Brian L. managed to perform a full 360 degree underwater rotation of the kayak as he entered from the stern of the Bumboat..... providing all aboard a very good laugh...

1720 Little Current Government Docks, 20.1 NM

After clearing the 5 PM bridge opening, we proceeded directly to our slip. The LEG 3 crew arrives at 1930 during our fish fry. Pete has managed to catch about 5 pounds of perch and bass over the last few days. He fried them all up.... and both crews enjoyed his bounty.

LEG 2 and LEG 3 crews were very chatty during the changeover. A few LEG 2 crew were attempting to stow away for another LEG....
Mark preferred sleeping on deck with spiders

Sunning in Browning Cove

Browning Cove on Heywood Island

Pete's fresh fish

Leg 2 last supper

Leg 2 crew departure

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