Sunday, August 20, 2006

Mackinaw City to Presque Isle

Sunday, August 20

0800 Depart Mackinaw City

Getting an early start with a large crew is difficult. However, 8 AM wasn't too bad. The morning sunshine was brilliant for our sail into Lake Michigan. The wind was a fluky 10 knots.

0900 Under Mackinwac Bridge

The camera shutters were clicking... who knows how many shots were taken by the crew. I managed to get a few while Chris kept the helm steady.

0930 3 NM Southwest of Lime Kiln Point off of Bois Blanc Island, 7.6 NM

The wind is still blowing well and we're sailing along fine. The crew is settling into their own routines; sleeping, reading, drinking....

1155 Poe Reef Light, 21.42 NM

Another photo opportunity. Leg 5 will be the winner for most lighthouses past and photographed.

1330 1 NM off Nine Mile Point, 28.72 NM

The wind is beginning to diminish and swing aft. Since today is a long ride and we want to get to Presque Isle before it gets too late, we fire up the iron genny and motor the last 15 miles to the harbor. The crew has caught up on their sleep, Matt has read an entire book, and Michael has investigated every menu item on the chart plotter.

1840 Presque Isle, 66.75 NM

This is the third time the Bumboat has been to Presque Isle. It is a very beautiful secluded harbor. It has only a restaurant, bar, and general store.

After dinner at the restaurant, we moved to the bar for a few stories and drinks. Toot has been itching to drink something stiffer than beer.... so, Michael had the waitress prepare one of his favorites; apple tequila. Seven triple shots of apple tequila hoisted for a toast.... "Hail to the captain, hail to the crew, hail to Toot's upcoming wedding"..... Toot! Toot! It appears toot got the straight tequila without the mixer......

Approaching Mackinac Bridge
Hello Lake Michigan
Crew in cruise boat mode
A gamblin' cruise, Toot cleaned up
Fill the Bumboat tanks Michael, not the lake

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