Thursday, August 10, 2006

Leg 2 - Bruce Trail Hiking

0830 Dock #13 in Litttle Tub Harbor

A strong front was due overnight. It was delayed, arriving right around the time we were setting sail for Killarny. After consulting with myself, I decided to stay put in Tobermory. The winds were blowing 25 to 30 out of the northeast...... which was exactly the direction we needed to go to Kilarny. The crew was both pleased and disappointed. They were ready to go..... but, they were uneasy about the big seas out in Georgian Bay. I wasn't convinced the Leg 2 crew were tough enough for the conditions of the day. The crew had a hearty breakfast... and our waitress did sing Mark Happy Birthday.

The satellite data connection isn't working now because of a high bluff to our southeast.... and no wireless signals in the harbor....

1230 Bruce Peninsula National Park

We've loaded fruit, water, and candy bars into two newly purchased day packs. The alternate plan for the day was to go on a hike. Twenty five years ago I hiked the length of the peninsula on the Bruce trail..... and remembered some spectacular scenery. After considerable effort, we rounded up some drivers to take all seven of us to the National Park down the peninsula. We hiked for four hours on some of the most rugged sections of the trail. We ascended and descended high cliffs, walked on round rocks on the shore (quite painful and difficult to walk), and navigated through alpine forests. The hike was great exercise and was considered a huge success by the crew.

1930 Grandview Restaurant

A good dinner tonight. Mark's birthday drink was rather rather girly (Derek had one too). This waitress also wasn't very inclined to sing Happy Birthday. After dinner.... back to the Crow's nest for LIVE music.... a bazaar man whom used various body parts to accompany his synthesized music.... and then we became members of the Royal Canadian Legion....
Bruce National Park

Hiking on the Bruce Trail

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