Monday, August 14, 2006

Anchored in West Bay

Monday, August 14
0550 At Anchor in West Bay of Hotham Harbor

The Bumboat had a quiet night at anchor. The crew and captain slept fine. We have some weather arriving this morning.

0800 Still at anchor

The rain has just begun and the winds are gusting out of the SW at 20 knots. Our plan today was to sail to Gore Bay. For crew comfort, we will wait out the rain and wait for the front to pass.

1100 At anchor, swinging into the west southwest wind

Still a bit of rain. The skies haven't cleared as fast as forecasted (Environmental Canada weather forecasts are poor). We've contacted Gore Bay and they don't have a dock of the size required for the Bumboat (due to weather, boats are staying in Gore Bay). Since the boat is holding well, we will stay the night here again.

1500 At anchor swinging into the west wind

The skies have begun to clear and the wind is strong in the anchorage. The crew has resorted to reading, eating, and various water sport activities. Bryan is reading about a new programming language. Most boats in the anchorage are adding scope or a second anchor. We added a bit of anchor chain.

1900 At anchor swinging into a west northwest wind

It's still blowing hard... consistently 25 knots in the anchorage. The crew fixed a nice lasagna dinner and then retired to the cockpit for a few card games. The boat upwind of us just dragged anchor putting us into a defensive mode. The dragging boat recovered and reset their anchor without fouling ours.

2045 At anchor in light winds

The wind has dropped to 10 knots.... but, this is just a sundown affect. The captain discusses the possibility of anchor watch tonight. The crew is willing to stand watch, if required.

2300 At anchor in building NW winds

After viewing an incredible starry sky and watching the Perisius meteor shower, the crew retired. The Captain is going to sleep on deck to keep a close watch on the anchor.

0300 On deck Tuesday morning

The wind was forecast to diminish to 15 knots overnight. Instead, it increased to 25 to 30 knots through morning. I saw gusts in the anchorage to 33 knots. The Bumboat sailed about its anchor... but held well.

0500 On Deck

Brad is awake and relieves the captain on anchor watch. Staying up all night is starting to get old.

Brad cannonballs unsuspecting kayakers
Securing the kayaks required crew to resort to knot book
These are the rocks we would meet if anchor drags
Lasagna dinner

As the sun set the wind built again
30 hours of anchor swinging, anchor held!!
Red sky in morning, sailors take warning.....

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