Friday, August 18, 2006

Meldrum Bay to DeTour Village

Friday, August 18

0900 Leaving Meldrum Bay

After breakfast at the Inn, we motor out to the North Channel. Today we are headed for DeTour Village. Detour Village is on the eastern end of the Michigan Upper Peninsula. This will be a nice place for a crew change.... minimizing their driving time. Reaching us on the western portion of Manitoulin island would of taken them 15 hours.... DeTour almost halves the driving time.

1200 Off Reynolds Point, Drummond Island, 26.8 NM

The winds were light today and we have some distance to travel.... so the diesel is the preferred method of propulsion. The crew is chipper enjoying the sun and sea. We just crossed the international boundary line and are back in the United States.

1400 Yacht Haven, Drummond Island, 186 engine hours (total since commissioning)

DeTour Village doesn't have a customs agent, so we proceed to Drummond Island. We fuel (36.6 gallons of diesel), pump out, clear customs, and walk to the nearest ice cream stand.

1615 DeTour Village, 43.2 NM

We arrive in Detour. The next crew will be here in just an hour. At the crew change.... Crew 4 lingers.... having one.... then two.... beers..... waiting in anticipation of being retained onto Leg 5. The Leg 5 crew begin to be annoyed by the Leg 4 crew's desire to hang out.... wanting to get on with their voyage.

Reluctantly, Leg 4 crew depart. They clearly are the winners of the most beverages consumed.... and the most waking hours aboard the Bumboat.... They will be missed..... but... only for a minute or two....

Drying out again
Welcoming Leg 5 crew
Crew changeover
OK...... we're going
Tom didn't see this shot

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