Monday, August 7, 2006

Detroit River and Lake St. Claire

1830 Grassy Island on the Detroit River, 64.1 NM

The diesel is pushing us up the river in style. It's very hot and humid. We are now in the process of deporting all the flies whom joined us in Lake Erie. The crew is reading and sunning themselves on deck.

1930 Under the Ambassador Bridge, 70.6 NM

Right after we past the bridge, the Bumboat's new satellite communication system failed. So much for technology..... Hopefully, we can figure out the problem. After the lightning strike last year, I consider all electronic gadgets aboard as luxury, not essential for boat operations.

2035 South shore of Lake St. Claire, 76.9 NM

It's time for dinner; stuffed pepperoni bread and rubins prepared by the Captain's wife. As we cross Lake St. Claire the crew becomes rather lethargic... it appears they have overdosed on dramamine. It's time to prepare the boat for night operation; stow gear, life jackets worn by all, navigation light check, and stocking the cooler with caffeine.

2345 Squirrel Island range light on the St. Claire River, 97.5 NM

Halfway across Lake St. Claire the sun set and the moon rose. Our entry into the St. Claire cutoff channel was by the milky light of an almost full moon. During the day we encountered little commercial traffic. Now that it's dark, all the commercial traffic seems to be converging on us. Gregg and I have our hands full spotting and avoiding numerous lakers and barges. For a moment, the crew appears to be intrigued with all the different vessel lights coming at us.
Ambassador Bridge

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