Thursday, August 17, 2006

Beardrop Harbor to Meldrum Bay

Thursday, August 17

1015 Raising anchor in Beardrop Harbor

A tough morning for the crew. Tom, Dan, Dave, Dave, and Jim appear to be struggling with normal functions. Justin and Moondog are moving about better. Dan appears to have a stiff neck from crashing last night by the port wheel...

We're not underway more than 30 minutes when the crew has their first bloody mary.

We were going to anchor out another evening at Turnball Island about 8 miles west. However, yesterday's antics have resulted in a need to return to mainland. The crew has depleted the Bumboat of most liquid beverages.... they have consumed all of the ice.... the holding tanks are full.... and we have no more room to store garbage.... So it's off to Meldrum Bay.

1515 Entering the north side of Meldrum Bay

We've had another good sail. Winds were 10 to 15 knots from the northwest most of the day.... making for a pleasant beam reach to Meldrum Bay. Justin sailed most of the way. The remainder of the crew read and continued to consume warm beverages.

1600 Docked at Meldrum Bay, 26.8 NM

Most of the crew jumped ship to run.... then Dave and Dave kayaked a considerable distance to the other side of the bay.

1930 Meldrum Bay Inn

We had a very nice dinner at the Inn. This is the fourth time I have been here and I continue to like this quaint Inn.... the food and service are five star....

2230 Drinks aboard the Bumboat

After dinner, Dan and Dave visited some locals (Meldrum Bay and North Bay) whom they met earlier. Since we now had ice.... they invited them to the boat for a drink or two.... as time marched on it seemed like most of the rest of Meldrum Bay (population 41) stopped by for a nightcap on the Bumboat. A few of the Inn's guest invited us over to a bonfire at the Inn...... where we met the rest of the town. Dave took over two more bags of jello shots... which pleased the locals....

Water toys following us to Meldrum Bay
Dave and Dave test kayak weight limit
New Canadian friends
Meldrum Bay serenity

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