Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Leg 4 - Gore Bay to Beardrop Harbor

Wednesday, August 16 - LEG 4 Begins

0830 Gore Bay

The crew is up and about... we had a nice dinner last night at Gordon's Lodge.... which we had virtually to ourselves.... The crew had breakfast in town and then proceeded to the grocery store to provision the boat. They purchased plenty of beverages and the same lasagna dinner Leg 3 purchased.

1120 Leaving Gore Bay

The weather is sunny with a forecasted high of 25c. We have a 12 knot wind out of the northeast enabling us to have a nice sail on the beam. Our destination would be Beardrop harbor followed by a night in Turnball Island. The weather looked good for two nights on the hook.

1220 Five miles NNW of Janet Head light, 6.3 NM

Nice wind and virtually no seas. The crew has broken open the beer and are kicking back..... reading.... munching... and quenching their thirst.

1500 Beardrop Harbor, 20.3 NM

We had a great sail all the way to Beardrop Harbor and have just lowered the anchor... Beardrop Harbor is on the north shore of the North Channel a long way from anywhere. The entire crew was awake for the entire passage to Beardrop..... this could be a new record for crew staying awake.

1530 Beardrop Harbor

The crew is now launching all the water toys; two kayaks and the dingy. They only stop for a refreshing beverage. Everyone's off exploring the harbor and hiking on shore.

1800 Cocktails on the bow of the Bumboat

The crew is tired of paddling and has decided to conduct a happy hour. They are now well into their second case of Canadian products.

2030 Cocktails in the cockpit of the Bumboat

The crew has moved the party aft. They have made an attempt to invite other boats to our vessel.....but, no one elects to join the boisterous Bumboat crew. A kayak is launched providing a photo op for the Captain and crew. Tom claims everyone is infringing on his image ideas. The third case of Canadian products have been consumed and the last bags of ice have been deployed to the cockpit cooler to cool the fourth case.

2200 Dinner in the salon

At 2100 the crew decided that dinner was in order. They quickly realized their lasagna dinner would not be done until midnight.... resulting in a backup plan.... the Captain cooking dinner..... pasta and sausage..... and beef stew with biscuits..... all thanks to meals in a box..

The crew ate every scrap of food and then we broke out pies for desert.

 2330 On deck gazing into the sky

Another crystal clear night. The moon doesn't rise until well after midnight.... allowing the stars and meteor showers to shine. One by one the crew retires..... some to their bunks.... but, most sleep all night in the cockpit.....

Bumboat provisioning in Gore Bay
Underway to Beardrop Harbor
Moondog gets tour of Beardrop Harbor
Beardrop Harbor
No respect
Happy crew
Serenity II

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