Monday, August 7, 2006

Leg 1 Vermilion to Points North

The crew arrived on time! We stowed gear, loaded more provisions, and set sail for the North. The sky was overcast and we had about a 10 to 12 knot wind out of the west. Seas were light at 1 to 3 feet. The crew was excited with the anticipation of the voyage.

1130 Off Long Point on the NE side of Kellys Island, 19NM

We've had a very pleasant sail to just north of Kellys Island. We were hoping to pass to the south of the island to make as much progress to the west as we could. However, an approaching cold front is backing the winds clockwise from the WSW to the NW, forcing us to sail north of the island.

1230 North of Ballast Island, 25 NM

After we past Kellys Island we decided to motor between Middle Bass and South Bass Islands. Since the wind was backing faster into the NW than anticipated, we hoped to get a good angle on the Detroit River Light. The sky continued to be overcast and the humidity is high.

1445 East of Middle Sister Island, 40.6 NM

As we bisected Rattlesnake Island and Middle Bass Island, we had lunch. The crew was impressed with the large spread of sandwich fixings. The wind began to die and rotate into the NW. We motor sailed to Middle Sister Island . The crew began to lounge about the boat; reading and sleeping.

It's nice to have Gregg at the helm.... allowing the Captain to take care of ship's business.... including trying an update of the Captain's Log via a satellite internet connection.

1550 3 NM southeast of Detroit River Light., 48.8 NM

We furled the sails. The wind is on the nose and light. The crew is very quiet and lethargic after the large lunch. Gregg has had the most time at the helm, followed by Brian. The Captain hasn't spent much time driving the boat. It's time to head on deck and begin the Detroit River navigation.

First Lunch

Vermilion off Stern

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