Tuesday, August 8, 2006

St Claire River to Harbor Beach

0130 Fawn Island off of Marine City on the St. Claire River, 108 NM

The commercial traffic continues to keep us on our toes. We just had a 1000 footer and a barge pass us at the same time on a river bend. Most of the crew is sleeping; either in their cabin or slumped over on deck. It looks like it will be a long night.

0500 Blue Water Bridge, gateway to Lake Huron, 127 NM

Gregg and I have been up all night driving the boat up the river. It has become rather cold; it's in the upper 50's with the wind right on the bow. The crew is still all out. They missed a pretty interesting river cruise. We are now entering Lake Huron. The plan is to keep going non stop. As usual, the current under the bridge was brisk, slowing our progress to 3 knots over the bottom. As we entered the dark lake, we encountered big sloppy rollers left over from yesterday's blow.

1045 Ten miles east of Forestville, Michigan, 164 NM

The wind shifted out of the northeast and picked up to 20+ knots. We've been pounding though six footers for hours. The slop left over from last night combined with a wind shift resulted in sailing close hauled with the waves square on the bow. It's been wet, noisy, and tippy. All the sailing activity aboard the Bumboat hasn't seemed to effect the crew; they are fast asleep. Gregg and I can't even find a lee berth to catch a nap.

 1325 Ten miles east of Harbor Beach, Michigan 179 NM

We have been at the mercy of the wind. Our desired destination was Tobermory. However, the wind and waves have us heading due north along the Michigan shore. Unfortunately, it's at the end of the east wind fetch.... keeping the seas up. Most of the crew is up and have enjoyed egg sandwiches for breakfast. Tony passed on breakfast.... since he is looking a bit pale.... and.... after at least 8 hours, Brian has emerged from his cabin to join the rest of the ship.

We still don't know where we will end up. We will probably sail all night again and see where the wind takes us. Gregg and I are due for a nap.

Excuse any errors.... the seat belt sign is still on.... and my fingers periodically leave the keyboard....

Moonrise on Lake St Claire

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